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Sunny, 50F.  It's that time again!  Finally.  Sanded the bottom using my 5" Dewalt orbital attached to a small Shop Vac; 60 or 80 grit.  Feathered any edges where paint had let go.  Pretty smooth now and ready to paint.  Several spots have exposed gelcoat.  Since the hull is barrier coated (grey), will spot treat with Inter-Protect 2000E before applying bottom paint.  Need to fair the leading edge of the keel first.  Cleaned up prop, raw water intake and thru-hulls.


Sunny, 45F.  Replaced battery bank; having over 10 year old house and start batteries was pushing it!  Installed one Odyssey PC-1200 (start) and three PC-1700 (house, in parallel) batteries from EnerSysCleaned the water line and hull stains using Marykate On&Off gel.  A ScotchBrite pad and some elbow grease made short work of a few recalcitrant spots.  The blue boot and cove stripes need to be touched up in a few places.  Removed the shrink wrap.


Sunny, 50F.  Sheila helping.  Took down the frame for the cover.  Faired the leading edge of the keel with Marine Tex (grey).  Filled four gouges on the hull with gel coat using an Evercoat repair kit.  Mixed ~ 1 tsp of neutral gel coat with a drop of white pigment and a tiny speck of yellow.  Seems pretty close; we'll see.  Covered with plastic film; will finish next week.


Sunny, 45F.  Sanded Marine Tex on leading edge of keel.  Spot treated keel and any exposed gel coat below waterline with Interlux 2000E.  Completed installation of house battery bank; replaced Odyssey (trolling motor) wing nut terminal adapters with SAE terminal adapters.  Used a drop of Permatex blue tread locker on each connection for house bank; will do so on start battery.   Started to repair stripped screws in cabin berth pull-out trim; filled oversized holes with epoxy coated hardwood dowel plugs; will re-drill for screws.  Finished cleaning prop; now ready for Zn anti-fouling paint.  Touched up gel coated repairs and several dings on bow.  Scrubbed (Simple Green boosted with TSP) and re-painted V-berth mattress base with Bull's Eye 123 water based primer.


Sunny, 45F.  Sheila helping.  Replaced CNG tank.  Installed V-berth cushions.  Re-painted 2/3 of boot stripe on port side (Interlux Brightside 316 Dark Blue); will finish next time.  Painted prop with 2 coats of  Pettit zinc coat barnacle barrier.  Installed CAMP C3 1" ID donut collar zinc anode on shaft.  Re-drilled and re-screwed cabin berth pull-out.  Re-installed door to V-berth.  Re-painted starboard settee base with two coats of Bull's Eye 123 water based primer.


Sunny, 48F.  Installed starboard settee cushions.  Painted remaining 1/3 of boot stripe on port side aft.  Painted most of bottom with Interlux Micron Extra thinned ~ 5% with Brush Ease 433; some tight spots remain to do with a brush.  Two hull spots need to be re-sanded before painting.  Will do under stands on launch day.  Brought home V-berth sole access panel to re-gel coat two gouges in finish.


Sunny, 50F.  Sheila helping.  Scrubbed (Simple Green boosted with TSP) and re-painted quarter-berth mattress base with Bull's Eye 123 water based primer.  Brought home access panels for re-finishing.  Washed port topsides with Simple Green boosted with TSP.  Once dry, wiped down with MEK (degrease) then with toluene (de-wax).  Compounded port topsides with 3M Imperial Compound and Finishing Material (# 06044).  Used a variable speed buffer equipped with a 3M Superbuff Buffing Pad (#05703).  Next, polished port topsides with  3M Marine Finesse-It II Glaze using a  3M Superbuff III Polishing Pad (#05705), then waxed with Collinite's # 885 Fleetwax.  Re-installed re-finished door to head.  Installed a 41mm high output 3 SMD LED warm white bulb (Superbright LEDs part # 4210-WWHP3) in light fixture over stove.


Sunny, 55F.  Sheila helping.  Finished painting quarter-berth mattress base.  Finished portside boot strip touch up.  Finished bottom painting except under stands.   Verified hose clamp tightness and checked operation of all sea cocks; greased exposed surfaces of all cones.  Re-rigged all halyards. The Raritan Engineering PHII toilet had a minor leak at the inlet valve; replaced inlet valve assembly (#1203BW) and valve cap gasket (#1202).  Touched up small section of gel coat on nose just under anchor with West Marine non-laminating (waxed) gel coat.  Will sand and buff out later.  Re-rigged anchor.


Sunny, 55F.  Sheila helping.  Installed 1142 style cool white 18 LED tower bulbs (Superbright LEDs part # 1142-x18-T) in V-berth lights.  Re-bedded port bow cleat using BoatLife Life Calk.  Re-sealed saloon water tank access port mounting ring with 3M Marine grade silicone sealant.  Replaced the zinc anode for the Isotherm SP marine refrigeration thru hull (Isotherm part # SBE00006AA).  Replaced the Racor R20S (2 micron) with an R20T (10 micron) as primary fuel filter.  Replaced 2GM20F secondary fuel filter (Yanmar part # 104500-55710) and filter housing O-ring (Yanmar part #24341-000440).  The Racor fuel/water 230R2 separator has an integral manual priming pump; disconnected fuel line at inlet to low pressure pump on engine and primed until fuel came out.  Re-connected fuel line and primed/bled secondary filter assembly using lift pump actuator.  Ran the diesel for the first time this season.  Start up sequence coming out of Winter layover; check oil (oil and filter replaced in the Fall), fuel off, set decompression levers to "reduced compression" position (towards stern), throttle to lowest rpm position, turn over engine for 15 seconds (to lubricate internal components), wait 15 seconds, turn over engine for 15 seconds again, fuel on, set decompression levers to "run" position, throttle to ~1/8, start engine and adjust rpm to 800-1000 rpm.  Ran for only a few minutes since no water.


Sunny, 55F.  Rinsed out anchor locker and cleared drain line (need to replace 70' and 150' rode tags).  Replaced 2GM20F air filter (Yanmar part # 128270-12540).  Finished gel coat repair on stem.  Washed deck, cockpit and starboard topsides with Simple Green boosted with TSP.  Installed St. Croix Model 175 "Little Crane" on  port stern quarter.  Compounded starboard topsides with 3M Imperial Compound; will polish and wax next time.  Removed raw water intake hose (5/8" ID) to measure for replacement (4.5').


Sunny, 55F.  Sheila helping.  Brought remaining cabin cushions and more gear aboard.  Painted leading edge of rudder with ablative.  Polished then waxed starboard hull as described above.  Wanted to inspect impeller.  Disconnected raw water pump; cover plate has a captive o-ring and is marked Johnson F4B-903 10-24509-01 (picture).  The corresponding Yanmar # is 128377-52500.  According to the Johnson website, this is a "customer branded" model.  Impeller marked Johnson 810 (with internal pin); looked good but no spare.  Ordered a Johnson 09-810B-01 kit, which contains both the impeller and o-ring.  The Yanmar part numbers are X-08810B and X-0506597-01, for the impeller and o-ring.  One of the idler wheels inside the Autohelm ST4000 drive sheared off; replaced it with an ST-4000+ Mk II (Raymarine E12093) wheel drive purchased from Sonset Marine.  The E12093 is a newer design and slightly larger.  Broke the Molex style connector on drive motor cable; will install new cable provided.  Brought home Gryphon's custom winter ladder.


Rain, 55F.  Sheila helping.  Re-assembled Johnson F4B-903 raw water pump.  Installed new screen in Groco strainer (part # WSA-751).  Replaced hose from strainer to raw water pump with Trident 100-158 5/8" reinforced engine intake water hose.  Flushed water tanks and lines to sinks in head and cabin as well as cockpit shower.  Filled both tanks and added ~ 1/2 teaspoon of Clorox bleach to each, pre-diluted in several cups of water.  Tightened bolts for port bow cleat which had been re-bedded.  Brought home remainder of winter gear and step ladder used to work on hull.  Closed seacocks except for cockpit drains and under cabin sink.  Boat ready and scheduled for launch next Friday!

The spare raw water pump assembly aboard Gryphon IV is a Yanmar # 721575-42702 (picture), identical to # 721575-42701; both reported to be made by Yanmar Pumps; associated parts are impeller # 128296-42070, gasket # 124223-42110, belt # 104511-78780 and seal # 124223-42080.


Sunny, 65F.  Launch day.  Kevin tied up the boat to the dock at Stanley's Boatyard; good spot for the weekend.  Tightened bolts on stern ladder extension.  Cleaned bilge.  Inspected sea cocks; all OK.  Ran engine (varying revs every 10 min); charged batteries.


Cloudy, 60F.  Temporality routed 5/8" ID vent hose for forward water tank.  Re-connected hoses to HW heater and flushed HW lines.  Re-installed port side jack line which had been de-rigged while re-bedding port cleat.  Cleaned and vacuumed interior.  Refilled water tanks.  Rigged the 135 headsail.  Installed dodger and bimini.  Measured packing gland nut (1.98") and retainer (1.91").  Transmission is a Kanzaki KM2P; takes 0.32 qt or 300 mL of 30W oil.  Cleaned hull behind door under V-berth, on starboard side, and vanity.

Remarks from Claude, SV Cloud, Mandeville, LA, Hunter 34 - The Kanzaki KM2P is a cone clutch transmission and does not have an oil pump.  When the engine is running, even in neutral, the bearings and gears are lubricated by the lower gears dipping into the oil in the bottom of the transmission case and moving a small amount of oil up to the top gears and bearings.  When the prop is freewheeling in neutral, the gears do not turn.  The lower shaft and cone driver (but not the clutch) turn and the lower shaft bearings turn.  The lower bearings have essentially no load on them and are lubricated by dipping the lowest rolling element into the oil level in the transmission case.  It is crucial to have the oil level correct.  Freewheeling in neutral is OK on these transmissions IF the oil level is correct.  If put into reverse, the cone clutches engage and lock the prop; no problem.  If put into forward while sailing with the engine off, the forward cone clutch will not engage fully because it is being driven by the prop shaft and not the engine gear.  It will slip and eventually wear out.


Sunny, 60F.  The wiring inside the wheel drive Molex style connector had broken and could not be repaired.  Unfortunately, a replacement cable could not be simply snaked through the same passageways as the old one.  It appears to be restrained inside the base on the Edson wheel pedestal.  To avoid having to take the entire pedestal apart, decided to splice a segment of a new cable onto the existing cable.  Used crimp style adhesive lined heat shrink butt connectors (22-18gauge; Ancor #309003).  These connectors are advertised as being water proof; just to be sure, wrapped carefully with electrical tape even though the spliced wires will be inside the pedestal body.


Sunny, 65F.  Sheila helping.  Rigged headsail and lazy jacks.  Finished routing vent line for forward water tank.


Partly sunny, 70F.  Checked temperature of packing gland with infrared thermometer; 92-95F. Seems OK; will not adjust nut.  Sea water temperature; 63F.

05/22/2011 [at home]

Determined last season that the ACR EPIRB was not receiving GPS coordinate information from the Raymarine NMEA output.  The required format is $ECGGA.  However, the NMEA ID (first two characters) is converted to II (e.g., $IIGGA) by the system.  Purchased a Brookhouse AIS multiplexer capable of modifying NMEA data on the fly.


Sunny, 85F.  Installed the Brookhouse multiplexer behind aft most access panel behind port settee.  Unit receiving data from Raymarine NMEA output.  Measured shrouds; 7/32" wire cable.  Repaired several stripped screws in teak trim on port settee pullout.  Epoxied in new teak bungs to fill screw holes.


Partly sunny 65F.  Uploaded script to multiplexer for manipulation of $IIGGA sentences to $ECGGA.  The  EPIRB still not acknowledging receipt of coordinates.  Will examine sentence structure further.  Replaced PHII toilet air valve assembly  (Raritan  # 1230W); toilet now operates smoothly.  Installed a 37 mm cool white 6 LED festoon bulb (# 1403WH) from LED Solutions in galley fixture under distribution panel.


Cloudt, 60F.  Sheila helping.  Adjusted 2GM20F valves to 0.008" per Yanmar specifications (@785 hours).  Parts required; bonnet gasket (Yanmar #128270-11310), cap nut (needed 1 of 2 used; Yanmar # 124160-11360) and O-rings (needed 2, Yanmar #24311-000120).  Tacked O-ring style gasket to cover in a few spots with Permatex #2 prior to re-installation.  Prior to adjustments; #1 cylinder intake, 0.013"; exhaust 0.009"; #2 cylinder exhaust 0.010, intake, 0.010".  Replaced festoon style bulb and green lens insert in bow running light (Perko # 0281DPALNS insert).


Sunny, 70F.  Changed oil in KM2P transmission (791 hours on engine); 300 mL Shell Rotella T 30W oil.  Replaced depth marks on anchor rode (every 30 feet; West Marine #104372).  ~200 feet of rode in well.  Tested homebrew wifi extender using parts from Data Alliance; works nicely.  Scoped out how to run control cable for Digital Yachts ANT200 AIS receiver.  Sadly, no unused pairs coming back to Nav station from behind distribution panel.  Will have to snake something somewhere!  Rebuilt Bosworth Guzzler 500 black water pump in wet locker; what a filthy job.  To make matters worse, the @#$%& thing now drips during pumping; very unpleasant.  One more problem to fix later.  Scrubbed cockpit sole; cleaned cabin.


Sunny, 70F.  Re-assembled Bosworth Guzzler 500 black water pump in wet locker; added a stainless steel washer and a dab of Permatex #2 to assure a good seal at the lever attachment point.  No leaks now!  Mounted Digital Yachts ANT200 AIS receiver on stern rail using a Shakespear 4722 light duty mount.  Ran cable through after deck using a Blue Sea 1001 Cableclam.  Ran cable to Nav station along side radar cables in the chase behind the upper most ceiling board in the port quarter berth; will finish wiring next time.  Replaced copper washer under fuel bleed plug on secondary filter (Yanmar part # 23418-060000).


Sunny, 70F.  Finished wiring for Digital Yachts ANT200 AIS receiver.  Updated wiring diagram here.  AIS NMEA data is now combined with Seatalk data (in NMEA format) using the Brookhouse multiplexer.  Although the ANT200 has a built in multiplexer, decided to use the programmable Brookhouse unit instead.  Repaired broken power lead to stereo.


Replaced the ACR RapidFix 406 EPIRB with a Globalfix 406 (2722NH).  This unit has a built in GPS to be independent of the the shipboard unit.  A discussion of the NMEA sentence structure which informed this decision is here.  The engine tachometer became intermittent.  Wiggled the connections near the sending unit and sprayed the connections at gauge with WD40; now working again.  Refinished the dorade vent teal boxes and near the bow chocks with three coats of Cetol; also touched up several spots on the port combing and starboard rail.  Cleaned the lifelines and removed rust spots from the rigging turnbuckles with Flitz.  Lots of cleaning and scrubbing.


Sunny, 85F.  Sheila re-sewed several of the letters on the sail cover.  The dodger and filler piece to the bimini sent to Thurston's Canvas.  The dodger is having some zipper repairs.  The foul weather filler has an Eisenglass window.  A new filler piece without a window is being made so the dodger, bimini and new filler combination may be used for cockpit shade at anchor.  Replaced the old AM/FM whip antenna with a Dual Electronics MAW40 car/marine wire antenna.


Cloudy, 80F.  Re-wired cabling to the ST4000+ using a modified Seatalk jumper cable (red power wire snipped) and a D244 junction.  This prevents network power from back feeding 12 volts into the autopilot and allows the panel switch to control the display independently of other electronics on the network.  Updated wiring diagram here.  The furling line had been jumping the drum; installed a Harken 40mm 7401 Carbo/furl lead air block at the pulpit.  Re-installed the dodger after zipper replacements by Thurston Canvas.  Replaced the 1142 style bulb in the head fixture with a warm white 18 LED tower bulb (Superbright LEDs part # 1142-WW18-T).


Sunny, 87F.  Relocated the hoist next to the outboard storage mount; now clears a deployed bimini.  Filled the previous holes for the base in the deck with MarineTex.


Partly sunny, 82F.  Replaced burned out backlight bulbs (#73 wedge base) in power panel.


Cloudy, 75F.  Hurricane Irene threatening the East Coast and New England.  The club begin to send out email updates advising folks to prepare for heavy weather and to begin getting ready.  After dinner, Sheila and I went to the boat and took down all canvas, folded and stored everything below including Lifesling and MOM unit.  Secured the halyards, roller furler and boom.  Lots of discussions/angst about whether to haul out or not.  Kevin at Stanley's was not overly concerned, only 7 boats on the list for haul out so far but asked that we let them know by noon the next day.  Kathy had already decided to bring Quest to Plymouth for a haul out and Cathy undecided about Water Music.


Cloudy, 75F.  Overnight the forecast for Narragansett Bay and the South Coast got worse; 70+ MPH winds and a possible 8 foot storm surge in the upper Bay.  Phones not being answered at Stanley's!  Rob and Jan saved the day by going over to Gryphon, and after personally conferring with Kevin, brought Gryphon into the dock.  She was among the first to be hauled!  Lots of folks had a change of heart overnight; at least 37 boats had to be hauled in the next few days.


Cloudy, 75F.  Hurricane plan activated at the yacht club.  Everything was removed (including the pictures on the walls) and brought to a remote storage location!  Sheila and I inspected Gryphon, now blocked and up on stands, and brought home the Avon and outboard.  No more to do but hope for the best.


Rain, 70F.  Lots of rain and wind as Irene passed by but we were spared having any trees come down in our yard.  Here is a satellite picture as it came up the coast.  Our power was out for ~ 36 hours but we have a backup generator to cover most of our needs.  Otherwise, we were lucky.  Our house on Pamlico Sound near Washington, NC did not fare as well.  Two big trees down in the yard; one took out a portion of the roof over the garage doors!  No one hurt; that was the good news.  Some of our neighbors in the community had more severe damage.


Sunny, 75F.  Gryphon re-launched!  Everyone came out OK but  many houses in Barrington still without power.  The water came up to the doors of the boatyard shed and to within 1 to 2 feet of the clubhouse floorboards.  No boats lost or damage to the facilities.  Amazing. 


Caught up on some boat chores while on the cruise.  Repaired and re-bedded under the starboard gate stanchion brace, refinished sections of the teak toe rail with several coats of Cetol, and cleaned waxed some of the hull.


Partly sunny, 78F.  Very sad to see the end of the season close at hand; haul out scheduled for mid-October.  Sheila helped me take food and beverages ashore, as well as extra bedding not likely needed in the next few weeks.  Brought Nissan 3.5 home.


Sunny, 81F.  End of the season.  Emptied forward water tank.  Removed 135 and mainsail; brought home sails and more gear.


Sunny, 60F.  Boat out of water and on-stands.  Cleaned the port water line and hull stains using Marykate On&Off gel.  Spot sanded any loose or chipped bottom paint on port side using orbital sander with 80 grit paper.  Scrubbed port side bottom using 3M grey stripping pad.  Will complete starboard side later.

Disconnected head intake.  Pumped ~ 1 gallon AF into head; pumped bowl nearly dry.  Added 1 gallon of AF to forward water tank.  Bypassed HW heater.  Drained HW tank.  Drained remainder of water in HW tank by attaching and blowing into short length of hose at potable water inlet.  Drained AF from forward tank into cabin tank.  Ran all H/C water lines (head, cabin, deck shower) until AF coming out.  Added two more gallons AF to cabin tank; flushed all water lines again.

Disconnected raw water intake.  Ran engine for 5 minutes taking fresh water into raw water intake.  Pumped out engine oil.  Changed oil filter (Yanmar part # 119305-35151).  Refilled oil with 2 1/4 quarts of Shell Rotella T3 15-40W.  Started engine and drew ~ 2 more gallons fresh water, then ~ 1 gallon of -50F AF followed by ~ 2 gallons of -100F AF through raw water pump.

Brought home Avon inflatable.


Sunny, 60F.  Installed adjustable framing brackets (DRB Innovators).  Flushed bilges, starting from bow, with fresh water.  Cleaned starboard water line and hull stains using Marykate On&Off gel.  Scrubbed starboard side bottom using 3M grey stripping pad.  Cleaned exhaust stains on stern.  Added 1 oz of Valvtect Bioguard microbiocide and 4 oz of Howe's Diesel Treat to fuel tank; topped off diesel fuel.

Brought home Lifesling, V-berth cushions, starboard settee cushions, dodger, bimini, and canvas covers.


Sunny, 58F.  Sheila helping.  Installed U-shaped supports for winter cover.  Replaced halyards with thin lines for winter.  Brought home quarter berth and starboard settee cushions. Spot sanded bottom with 80 grit using rotary sander to remove any patches of flaking or cracked bottom paint.


Sunny, 45F.  Sheila helping.  Completed assembly of supports for winter cover.  In addition to the ridgepole, three ridgepole supports and three longitudinal ribs constructed along each side; all held in place with duct  tape.


Sunny, 55F.  Winter shrink wrap cover in place; all buttoned up for the season. Additional spot sanding of bottom.  One small rough area on port side amidships to be further smoothed with orbital sander.


Sunny, 50F.  Spot sanded again with 60 grit using orbital sander; a few places to touch up remain.  Faired one area under raw water intake with Marine Tex.


Sunny, 35F.  Mounted Lewmar 8 single speed winch on mast to replace same moved to starboard aft of primary to assist in Genoa furling.  Replaced most of worn out brown foam trim in cabin with 3/8" teak quarter round molding from Buck Woodcraft.  Prior to installation, trim stained lightly with Minwax 233 English Chestnut stain followed by two coats of satin polyurethane; one segment on starboard side awaits new materials

To Do list

  • replace water intake line for head (3/4")
  • repair drip in head pump mechanism
  • repair gouge to port coach roof near dodger mounting bracket
  • inspect rigging and fixtures atop mast
  • inspect chain plates; re-bed cover plates
  • epoxy and Marine Tex caulked holes aft of vang attachment point to mast
  • deploy soft wood tapered plugs or equivalent at each thru hull fitting
  • replace AC outlets with GFCI type
  • replace cones in Norseman Navtec fittings
  • repaint under port saloon cushion area
  • re-finish galley and cabin interior at knee level and below
  • order two Spartan Marine seacock handles
  • inspect turnbuckle inside Questus radar mount tube

Season Totals;  Tanqueray 10: 2;  Campari: 1; Fuel:  34.3 gallons

Engine hours:  775 (05/02/11), 791 (06/18/11), 835 (08/12/11), 864 (10/21/11)

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