Gryphon IV Ship's Log - 2010 Season

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Tracks may be viewed using Google Earth; The Google Earth (GE) *.kmz track path files were created by transferring (Garmin) GPS tracks to Maptech Offshore Navigator (5.08), exporting the corresponding *.rtf file, and using GPSbabel (1.3.6_beta) to convert the *.rtf to a *.kml.  Since the data are read as waypoints, the GPSbabel option of transforming the data to tracks is selected .  After loading the resulting *.kml file to GE, the path component alone is saved to a *.kmz file.

01/31/2010 - 02/07/2010

We were all in need of a break.  Hard to beat a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands.  Here is the link to our Winter 2010 sailing adventure.


Sheila, Jim and I had a rendezvous with Cathy at the New England Boat Show in Boston.  Nice visit with Mark and Dwayne from the BHSC.  Went to look at the Sabre 386 on display.  Wow!  What a great surprise to see my childhood and old family friend Suzanne as part of the sales team!  As a child, learned to ski at Heavenly Hill in Quincy which was run by her family.  Her dad also taught me how to build model planes as a youngster.  Suzanne is now up in Maine, and made a point of coaxing us to join a Sabre rally this summer.  Long chat with Paul from Sailboats Northeast; hope springs eternal.  Sheila and Jim went to a seminar on how to handle emergencies while we visited the NE Rigger's booth to discuss solid vangs and a traveler upgrade for Cathy's Sabre.  Otherwise, cruised the show and inspected the inflatable boats.  A Zodiac Cadet 200 may suit.


Sunny, 65 F.  Wind 12 - 15 knots.  Capt. Jeff Stone of Azimuth Marine joined Sheila, Jan, Rob and I for Gryphon's sea trial.  We left the dock at the Barrington Yacht Club and headed down the Barrington River into the Warren River then out towards Rumstick Neck.  During the run, we ran the motor up to 3000 rpm for 5 minutes to test performance under a high load scenario.  This was to make sure the extra power were there if ever needed.   No problem.  Just off Warren, we unfurled the 135 for a downwind run.  At the end of Rumstick Neck, we turned around and motored back.  Sea trial went very well.  Jeff suggested slightly loosening the nut on the stuffing box so it would run a little cooler.  <no track>


Cloudy.  70F.  Wind 18 - 22 knots.  Early in the afternoon, Cathy and I headed out to Rumstick Neck against both wind and an impressive incoming tidal current.  Just outside, had to bring the Avon along side to re-secure the outboard which seemed to be riding up on the transom.  I was not happy about climbing down to do that job in the seaway.  Near the shipping channel, hoisted the main after a bit of fussing with the lazy jacks.  We faced a stiff breeze and chop upwind towards to Ohio Ledge just down the Bay.  We then tuned downwind for a fast run towards Rumstick Neck Reach.  As expected, Gryphon is a much stiffer boat than Crab Louie and more sluggish at slow speeds.  Heading back, we dropped the main and ran upriver under a partially unfurled headsail.  Ended the outing with T&Ts once back on the mooring; a very good start to the season but lots to learn about handling this boat; we were both dog tired.  Dinner afterwards at the Wharf Tavern in Warren.  Track


Sunny, 70F.  Wind 15 - 25 knots.  Sheila and I motored downriver to Rumstick Neck.  Still getting used to the local environs.  Back on the mooring, we had a late afternoon dinner of pulled barbequed pork and pasta salad; washed down with T10&Ts and Campari & soda.  On the way home, ice cream and a malted at The Daily Scoop in Barrington!  Track


Sunny, 70F.  Wind 10 - 15 knots.  After a morning doing boat chores, another ride out to Rumstick Neck with Sheila.  Relaxed for a bit back on the mooring and headed home.  Track


Sunny, 70F.  Wind 5 -10 knots.  Sheila, Christopher and I had our first overnight sailing adventure on Gryphon IV.  Departed around noon for a pleasant downwind sail  to Bristol.  The good folks at the Bristol YC were kind enough to let us use a mooring on the East side of the harbor overnight.  Once settled in, we took the Avon ashore for an early afternoon dinner at Quito's.  Very good fish and calamari.  Sheila was very  impressed by the shrimp scampi in Zuppa sauce.  Rigged the homemade antenna so Christopher could watch TV.  The temperature dropped into the 50's overnight, but we managed just fine.   Track


Sunny, 75F.  Wind 2-4 knots.  The crew slept in.  Sheila was very happy with the CNG stove and her coffee.  Scrambled cheese eggs and English muffins for breakfast.  After cleaning up, we headed back via the scenic route around Hog Island.  Saw the sparkplug lighthouse on the southern shoal of the island as well as the Bristol Ferry Light at the foot of the Mount Hope Bridge.  We had a late lunch on our mooring in Barrington; sadly the regulator on the gas grill did not work so no grilled kebabs!  Replacement on order.   Track


Partly Cloudy, 80F.  Wind 15-20; gusts to 25 knots.  Plenty of wind today!  Motored out to Rumstick Neck.  Raised the main and made a nice run NNW to Conimicut Light.  We tacked for a few minutes Southward to let the huge car carrier Verona clear the channel.  She was heading up the Bay.  Turned around at the light and motor-sailed back to the Neck in 20 knots of wind 20 degrees off the nose.  A bit bouncy!  Back on the mooring, Sheila made grilled lamb kabobs, marinated green beans and tomatoes with oil and balsamico, and (of course) couscous.  A very nice Father's Day, especially since the late afternoon thunderstorm blew by in front of us on the way back.  Track

06/26/2010 [aboard Water Music]

Sunny, 80F.  Wind 5-15 knots.  Joined Cathy and Diana for what turned out to be the "lighthouse tour"; both the Graves and Boston Light.  Headed out via The Narrows between Gallops and Lovell Islands to past the MoA buoy, then southwards past Harding Ledge.  Turned back at the southern end of Nantasket Beach.  Despite our casual start mid-morning, the sailing conditions were quite good and we had fine day.  Track


Sheila and I took Gryphon to Newport for the 4'th of July Weekend.  Cathy joined us in Newport and on the return to Barrington.  A description of our holiday adventure may be found here.


Partly Cloudy, 85F.  Wind 5 -8 knots.  Christopher and I sailed downriver to and around Ohio Ledge.  Not much wind though, so we motor sailed back.  At least the run downriver was with the tide.  From near the ledge, we watched the huge auto carrier, Hoegh Lloyd heading down the Bay from Providence.  Track

07/16/2010 [aboard Water Music]

Sunny, 90F.  Wind ~ 15 knots.  Cathy and I had a fast downwind sail from Hingham to Portuguese Cove at Peddocks for a BHIP dinner.  The WuLing crew (Ping, Chris and Ling) were joined by Mis$Understanding (Margaret, Mike, Joy and Jon) and Water Music (Cathy and Bob).  Sheila had to go to NH at the last minute and could not join us as planned, but had prepared roasted pepper tapenade and feta stuffed tomato appetizers.  These went very well with the wine selections and were a big hit!  Chris was manning the grill which worked much better after some adjustments to the propane regulator.  The feast included turkey burgers, chicken sausages, Jon's Tandoori chicken, Ping's cold spicy noodles and cucumber salad.  An English fruit pudding and peach pie for dessert!  I even managed to coax the Tandoori recipe from Jon!  A squall had passed over.  After the weather cleared, Mis$ Understanding departed into the darkness homeward bound.  Track

07/17/2010 [aboard Water Music]

Sunny, 85F.  Wind 10-15 knots.  Not much AM movement in the anchorage.  Cathy's ham and cheese omelets for breakfast, followed by a visit from Triathlon Man (Chris) who swam over!  His next form of exercise was to replace the B&D wind vane assembly atop the WuLing's (very tall) mast.  What a surprise to see him at the masthead!  Late morning, a very large group of power boats was assembling for Russo Marine's Aqua Palooza 2010.  They invited us to stay for the party and live entertainment but the wind was picking up so we headed out for a sail.  Conditions got even better as the day progressed; out the North Channel to past the Graves, south towards Cohasset then the inside track up past Nantasket Beach and back in.  Another fine BHIP outing.  Track


Sunny, 90F.  Wind 5 knots.  Single handed the boat out to G11 by Rumstick Neck, too hot and not enough wind to put up any canvas.  <no track>


Cathy and I took Gryphon to Jamestown for the first international BHIP rendezvous with WuLing and crew with an outing at the Newport Folk Festival.  A description of this adventure may be found here.


Sunny, 80F.  Wind 5-10 knots.  Jan, Sheila, Rob and I had an early outing to Potter's Cove at the North end of Prudence Island.  Nice to see six swans cross our path near Rumstick Neck.  The Hoegh Pusan was also making her way up the bay, probably loaded with Toyata's.  Potter's Cove is a fine anchorage, and looks like a great place for a swim.  Jan treated us to a super lunch!  Triscuits topped with cream cheese and Stonewall Kitchen roasted garlic onion jam as an appetizer; an amazing combination.  Roast beef and chicken salad sandwiches.  We also enjoyed watching the local osprey's fish for their own lunch.  Heading out of the cove, we were a bit too far outside the channel and very softly grounded in the muddy bottom.  Rob had started to back us off but it just so happened the Warren Fireboat was going by; they kindly lent a hand and we were back in business quickly.  We had a great sail back over to Barrington wing on wing with a poled out headsail.  Another fine outing.  Track


Sheila and I took Gryphon to Jamestown then onward to Block Island for a sailing vacation!  We had a great time.  A description of the trip is here.


Sunny, 80F.  Wind 15 knots.  Sharon joined Sheila and I for a late afternoon dinner outing to Potter's Cove.  Don could not join us due to a recent surgery.  A fast downwind sail over.  Grilled chicken for dinner, and enjoyed the sunset.  Headed back at dusk.  Despite clear skies and a near full moon, we slowly picked our way up-river.  Ice cream at the Barrington Newport Creamery on the way home.  Track


Cathy with us for a Labor Day outing down Narragansett Bay to Dutch Harbor.

Day 1 - Sunny, 75F.  Wind 18 knots with gusts to 25.  Early afternoon start.  Winds from the SW had kicked up the seas out by Rumstick Point to 3-5 feet; pretty much in our face.  Cathy had us hard on the wind with a partially reefed headsail although Sheila was not too pleased with the conditions.  It was a beautiful  sailing afternoon though.  We grabbed a mooring at Potter's Cove.  It really is a great spot for a peaceful dinner.  Happy hour first; T&T's and Campari soda for Sheila.  She had everything under control below and turned out one of my favorites, pork goulash for supper accompanied by another favorite, Montes Alpha Merlot.  Green Track

Day 2 - Sunny, 75F.  Wind 10-15 knots.  We continued our leisurely trek down the Bay towards Dutch Harbor.  Definitely a much quieter place than Jamestown on the other side of the island.  Sheila and Cathy stayed aboard while I went ashore for a shower and to explore.  Not much to see or do, although  a pleasant anchorage.  Back in time for a nice sunset and Happy Hour; a very hard life indeed.  Sheila served up a delicious red pepper quiche accompanied by grilled sausages.  Egad, it even went pretty well with the pinot grigio..  Red Track

Day 3 - Sunny, 75F.  Labor Day 2010.  Wind 8- 12 knots.  Everyone was finally relaxed and the crew slept in.  Sheila made a proper breakfast.  After cleaning up, we prepared to head home.  Unfortunately, when motored away from the mooring, we wrapped the mooring pennant around the prop! The motor quit and we were held fast at the stern.  Fortunately, it was still early, calm seas and very light wind.  After some colorful language and futile attempts with the boat hook, I managed to unwind most of the fouled line from the Avon.  The water was pretty clear, I could even see the problem.  It was painfully apparent that the last wrap or two just would not budge.  Yours truly ended up going for a swim!  Fortunately the water was 77F and it took me all of 2 minutes to complete the task.  The thin safety line tied to the end of the pennant had knotted upon itself.  So see, I do go in the water after all!  If there are ever any Great White sightings in Narragansett, that will have to change as well. 

After that exciting start, we had a nice sail home.  Just south of Bristol, we saw the Patria at anchor loaded with a large cruiser yachts, an ocean going cat and several monohulls.  We were wondering if this heavy lifter was transport for the Newport Boat Show which was going on.  We were also passed by double hulled tanker, Irving Great Eastern, coming from Providence and heading out with the tide.  Back in Barrington, we enjoyed cocktails while making everything ship shape.  It had been such a great day, we topped it off with a light dinner at Blount's Clam Shack around the corner in Warren.  Blue Track

09/18_19/2010 (onboard Water Music)

Day 1 - Sunny, 70F.  Wind 8-10 knots.  Cathy and I making our annual Fall trip to Salem.  Bit of a late start, but a nice crisp day.  Not much wind until we were in the North Channel, and then a leisurely trip up to Salem.  Grabbed a mooring at Hawthorne Cove Marina, a brief Happy Hour, inflated the Zodiac.  We were met by Allysa and Ed ashore.  Turns out Allysa is from Salem!  They took us to Bella Verona for supper.  What a great find.  Rabbit with paparadelle noodles!  Wow! The company, the food and wine were most excellent!  Thanks Allysa and Ed for sharing this local gem!  <no track>

Day 2 - Sunny, 65F.  Wind 5 knots.  A nice and clear Fall morning on the water.  We had a country breakfast, cleaned up and headed out.  Motor sailed past Children's Island when the wind picked up.   By the time we reached the North Channel, good sailing conditions all the way back.  Even the tide was favorable going through Hull Gut.  a post-cruise T&T onboard; Cathy treated us to dinner at the Hingham Lobster Pound.  <no track>

09/25/2010 (onboard Pravda)

Sunny, 83F.  Wind 15 knots with gusts to 20!  Joining Ed, Gavin and Seth aboard Ed's J-100 Pravda for the Boston Harbor Islands Regatta.  This event, sponsored by the Boston Harbor Island Alliance,  is the largest sailboat race in the Harbor.  The day lived up to the forecast with variable, mostly moderate, Southwesterly breezes and sunny skies.  The race course, a figure of 8, started just west of Georges Island with a clockwise loop out the Narrows, through Hypocrite Channel around Outer Brewster Island and Boston Light.  We made a good start but struggled a bit with asymmetrical in the Narrows.  Jibing also proved a bit challenging as we had a few bloopers near the Hypocrite Channel; sadly we lost some time.  We did recover, and were in much better form as we turned the corner by the Outer Brewster.  Very impressive to see boats tacking up Nantasket Roads in a favorable flood current. The last leg of the race was rounding Rainsford Island to port with the finish back at the start point.  Overall, we finished in the middle of the pack; race results here.  It was an absolutely fabulous time, and I will join Ed and the gang again in a heartbeat if invited.  Track


Sunny, 70F.  Wind 5-10 knots. Despite a late start, Sheila and I up for an overnight outing to Potter's Cove to close the season.  Not much wind, so headed over under headsail alone.  Peaceful late afternoon with cocktails on deck.  A neighbor was about sailing his father's 80 year old model sailboat which was a delight to watch.   A very nice sunset, but the temperature was dropping fast.  Dinner was pasta with parma rosa sauce, grilled peppers and sausages.  We had taken Bernardo's recommendation and had a Spanish carmenere as well.  Pretty good once opened.  As usual, lot's of work awaited us at home and I was somewhat restless.  Decided not to stay over; headed back well after dark after we cleaned up below.  All was quiet on the Bay, a very clear night and we only saw three other boats moving about.  Cold though; Sheila manned the spotlight as we poked our way upriver to Barrington.  Made it back to the mooring ~ 11PM!  At home the next morning, the outside temperature was 42F.  Both disappointed and glad we headed home early.  <no track>


Sunny, 60F.  Boat hauled and now on the hard.

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