July 30'th 2010 - Gryphon Goes to Jamestown and Newport

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July 29 - Sunny.  80F.  Sheila and I provisioned the boat for our the long weekend.  It had been a hectic week, so we arrived at dusk; too late for a dinner out.  Cathy is joining us in the AM.

July 30 -  Sunny.  80F.  Winds 10-20 knots.  ~ 0900 departure from Barrington; unfortunately just past Warren, Sheila was called about an urgent family matter.  We turned back and dropped her at the dock.  She was very sad to go.  We headed back out ~ 1030, and sailed downwind towards Jamestown.  Arrival earlier than expected, ~1500.  We took a brief trip to shore to look around.  WuLing and crew showed up ~ 1700.  Ping, Chris and Ling came over for Happy Hour.  We all headed over to WuLing for dinner afterwards.  Sheila had made salmon quiche and a tomato tart, both of which were excellent.  Ping provided a salad and libations.  Cathy managed to sneak an almond raspberry cake aboard.  It was great!  Track

July 31 -  Sunny.  82F.  Wind 10-15.  After breakfast, Lorrie and Blake showed up!  Ping, Chris and Ling rounded out our crew for the day.  Sailed over to Fort Adams under headsail alone for the Newport Folk Festival.  Found a reasonable place to anchor and settled in to enjoy the show.  Despite a few jerks who chose to raft up close by, and clearly had a little too much medicine, we managed to enjoy the show for a few hours.  Caught performances by Nneka and Brandi Carlisle.  The What Cheer? Brigade performed a few boat lengths away on a sailboat rafted with a powerboat!  After the wind and tide shifted our anchor began to slowly drag, so we headed out.  The wind was favorable, enjoyed a sail around Gould Island.  Once Gryphon was secure, headed over to WuLing.  Very pleased that Blake and Lori were staying for dinner.  I manned the grill making chicken and turkey burgers.  Ping, Lori and Cathy got the rest of dinner ready, while Iron Man Chris had a swim.  Crab cake appetizers, garden salad and pasta.  We even finished the rest of the cake.  Blake and Lori departed at sunset and the mini-BHIP gathering continued for a few more hours.  Of course, we were all sober as judges.  Track

August 1 -  Sunny.  80F.  Winds 15-20.  A brief trip ashore with the WuLing crew.  Ling, Chris and I scoured the local hardware store for gaskets/o-rings to address air leak in WuLings fuel system.  I found a replacement set of oars for Gryphon's Avon.  Yesterday, one broke when the inflatable bounced under our stern.  :-(  We all departed around 10AM.  Happy to oblige with Cathy's suggestion to first sail South around Conanicut Island, then the up the West Passage.  The brisk SSE wind made short work of this.  It was without question the best and fastest sailing day of the season so far.  We continued North past Dutch Harbor, between Hope Island and Prudence Island, then home.  Top speeds over 6 knots!  We were surprised how well Gryphon sailed and the progress we made.  Back on the mooring, Sheila and Chris joined us for Happy Hour.  Dinner at Stella Blues was, as usual, excellent (sea bass, shrimp, swordfish, fish and chips).  I highly recommend the Mud Pie dessert.  What a great day!   Track




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