Gryphon IV Ship's Log - 2011 Season

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Tracks may be viewed using Google Earth; The Google Earth (GE) *.kmz track path files were created by transferring (Garmin) GPS tracks to Maptech Offshore Navigator (5.08), exporting the corresponding *.rtf file, and using GPSbabel 2.20.1) to convert the *.rtf to a *.kml.  Since the data are read as waypoints, the GPSbabel option of transforming the data to tracks is selected .  After loading the resulting *.kml file to GE, the path component alone is saved to a *.kmz file.

02/01/2011 - 02/10/2011

It has been an absolutely miserable winter.  Record snowfalls in Central Massachusetts!  We all needed an escape to warmer weather.  Here is the link to our trip to Antigua.


Sheila, Cathy, Kathy and I met up at the New England Boat Show in Boston.  Not as many sailboats as in years past; nice to visit with Steve Thurston and Mark Healy.  Ordered a St. Croix Little Crane to help us hoist the outboard onboard.


Sunny, 65F.  Launch day.  Kevin tied up the boat to the dock at Stanley's Boatyard; good spot for the weekend.


Sunny, 60F.  Wind 14-18 knots.  Gryphon will be moored this season off Tyler Point at the edge of the Barrington Yacht Club property.  Took a ride down river; everything seemed to be in good working order.  Picked up mooring on the second pass taking advantage of a lull in the breeze.  Track


Partly sunny, 70F.  Wind 2-5 knots.  Sheila and I motored down to the Bristol Highlands; dropped the hook, had lunch, relaxed for a while and headed home.  Despite an initial weather forecast to the contrary, we had a nice day.  Finally!  Track

05/22/2011 [aboard Sou'Wester]

Partly sunny, 55F.  Wind 2-7 knots.  Helping the BYC Race Committee with the Pret Gladding race.  This is a no-spinnaker, pursuit race around Prudence/Patience Islands with staggered starts based on PHRF ratings.  This year, 17 boats participated including some from Bristol and Newport.  Jean was race PRO; also helping were Teresa, Ann, Carol, John, Frank.  Anchored M/V Sou'wester (the BYC race committee boat) near the Ohio Ledge nav aid to define the line.  Starting at 1100  EDT, I blew the horn at proscribed intervals to coincide with the flag signals.  Everyone aboard had a specific job; it took about an hour to get all boats started.  We then enjoyed a nice lunch, chatted and watched the boats slowly (very slowly) head down the Bay.  Unfortunately, the wind was very light; at one point, Teresa, Carol and Frank took the club's Boston Whaler to see how everyone was doing.  Unfortunately, and just as some of the race boats made it  around Prudence, the wind really died!.  At 1600 EDT, the race was abandoned as no boat had finished in the allotted time.  Despite little to no wind, we had a great afternoon.  Track

05/26_29/2011 [BYC Spring Cruise]

Day 1 - Sunny, 70F.  Joining the BYC fleet for the Memorial Day Cruise to Wickford.  Sheila and I provisioned the boat before dinner at Stella Blues in Warren.  Stayed aboard and will depart in the AM.

Day 2 - Cloudy, 70F.  Wind 15 - 20 knots. Not being in a hurry, we departed late AM for Wickford.   Had a great sail to the top of Patience Island near Red Nun 6.  Things were not pleasant after running into a thick fog bank just before our turn southward; 20+ knots on the nose!  First mate not happy as visibility reduced to several boat lengths.  Slowly motor sailed for several hours; visibility varied from socked in to several hundred feet.  Fog finally lifted near Quonset Point.  Joined the group at Wickford Marina.  Nice snug harbor.  Late afternoon cocktails with the gang; many new friends.  Sheila made chive and mint garnished cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes for the appetizer contest; lots of yummy treats to share.  Much to her surprise, Sheila won the contest (she was stunned) and even received a prize!  Grilled chicken, tomato feta salad, glass of wine back on the boat.  Long day, early to bed.  Track

Day 3 - Sunny, 75F.  Cleaned up the boat; enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.  Walked to town about ~1/2 mile away; very nice historical area with lots to explore.  The cruise committee organized a BYOB dinner nearby at the Wickford YC.  John, Tony and crew, our own chefs, did a tremendous job serving up steak, chicken, rack of lamb and swordfish!  An incredible feast.  Dessert was their famous BYC bread pudding. Wow.

Day 4 - Sunny, 85F.  Wind 2-5 knots.  Early-morning, Dave (S/V Opeechee) and Oliver (M/V Pandemonium) let us know a thunder storm was heading our way; the weather radar image was ominous.  Decided to delay the early departure for a few hours.  Late AM, we joined several of our fleet and headed back.  No wind, but an uneventful ride home.  Very hot and humid back in Barrington though.  Given the heat, we were not moving too fast and took a while to pack and get organized.  In late afternoon, the temperature finally subsided; fried clam rolls at Blount Clam Shack for dinner.  Great weekend.  Track


Partly sunny, 65F.  Wind 10-18 knots.  Sheila, Christopher and I sailed over to Potter's Cove.  Quite a crop of baby mussels on the mooring pennant!  Cleaned up that mess and had lunch.  Nice sail back as winds picked up.   Dinner at Stella Blues, ice cream at the Daily Scoop Track


Rain showers, 60F.  Wind 10-18 knots.  Jan visiting from Colorado on way to South Africa!  Not the best of weather, but what the heck.  Nice sail down river and across the bay to Potter's Cove.  Picked up a mooring for lunch.  Some light drizzle but a fast sail up the bay to Conimicut Light.  Back home late afternoon for dinner with Sheila and Chris.  Jan caught a night flight to London and onward.  Track


Cloudy, 60F.  Wind 12-17 knots.  Sheila helping.  Had adjusted valves in 2GM20F.  Test ride down river; all OK.  Track


Sunny, 70F.  Wind 5 knots.  Sheila and Christopher aboard.  Getting ready for the BYC Summer Cruise!  Motored over to Potter's Cove for anchoring practice.  Lunch while on the hook before heading back.  Dinner at Blount Clam Shack.  Very pleasant afternoon.  Track

06/30/2011 to 07/10/11 [BYC Summer Cruise]

Oliver (of Pandemonium) and members of the BYC cruise committee did an outstanding job organizing a 4'th of July outing with destinations including Cuttyhunk, Hadley's Harbor, Nantucket and Edgartown.  Christopher and I had a great time; Sheila flew to Nantucket for the 4'th of July through the Edgartown leg.  Cathy came aboard in Cuttyhunk for the leg home, where we met up with Kathy on Quest.  Here is a link to that adventure


Sunny, 85F.  Wind 15 to 20 knots; gusts to 25.  Christopher and I took advantage of a very favorable southwesterly for a fast ride down to Portsmouth, and then back around Prudence and Patience islands.  From the top of Patience, we enjoyed full downwind wing on wing run under a poled out genoa!  Great ride with SOGs approaching 7 knots.  Best sailing day of the season so far.  Track


Cloudy, 82F.  Wind 5 - 10 knots.  Christopher and I took advantage of a light northerly to try out the asymmetrical spinnaker.  Nice ride from Rumstick Point over to the top of Prudence Island.  Need to figure out best locations for sheet blocks.  Sailed over towards Barrington Beach to see the Sunfish Nationals being hosted by the club.  Almost 70 boats out; too bad the wind was light.  Sheila drove down to meet us with our newest crewmember, Casey, a 10 week old yellow Labrador.  Afternoon lunch at Blount Clam Shack.  Track


Sunny, 87F.  Wind 8 - 12 knots.  Solo today.  Pleasant beam reach to Potter's Cove.  Several hundred boats rafted up inside and outside of the cove!  Fortunate to find an open mooring.  Other BYC boats about getting ready for an overnight. The larger group was a Sea Ray AquaPalooza; there was even a live band on on of the motor yachts in the cove.  Much cooler after a swim off the stern (also cleaned to running gear).  Took the inflatable to see other boats nearby.  Among these was Dream Catcher, a beautiful Pearson 26 I had seen in Good Old Boat; turns out she is owned by folks that live just around the corner from us!  Cheeseburger dinner in paradise.  After dark, joined the BYC group for a bonfire and to watch fireworks.  Slept in.  Alas no wind in the morning, headed home.  Track

08/07/2011 [aboard S/V Water Music]

Partly cloudy, 75F.  Wind 10 knots.  Cathy and Sean brought Water Music to Scituate Harbor earlier in the week.  We had planned for a weekend outing, but the weather was deteriorating.  Helped Cathy bring the boat back before the rains and predicted thunderstorms hit.  Pizza afterwards at the  Hingham Beer Works.  Crappy service, great pizza.  Track


Partly sunny, 82F.  Wind 8 - 10 knots.  Sheila and I sailed to the south end of Prudence Island before being headed on our way into Newport.  A mooring at the Ida Lewis Yacht Club in Brenton Cove served as our overnight base of operations.  Great early dinner at The Mooring (red fish, baked cod with a delicious 2008 Bolgheri vermentino) outside on the deck overlooking the Newport Yachting Center.  No reservations to be had but they suggested we come over as some tables were held for walk ins.  We were seated immediately after showing up at 5:30 PM.  This certainly beat the long line when we headed out afterwards at 7:30!  Pleasant stroll around the inner harbor area, quick trip to the Ship's Store and Rigging for a few goodies.  Despite a tempting brunch at Ida Lewis, the weather forecast suggested rain and we were anxious to get home. Sheila served up Canadian bacon and eggs aboard!  Winds from the South (5-10 knots) prompted first the poled out genoa, then the asymmetrical!  Nice downwind ride to Bristol; motor sailed rest of the way in occasional rain sprinkles.  Home early; perfect!  Track


Partly sunny, 80F.  Wind 15-20 knots; gusts to 24.  Jim visiting.  We took advantage of a brisk northwesterly and enjoyed a very fast ride down the Bay; SOG exceed 7 knots at times!  Turned around just under the Newport Bridge.  Close hauled on the homeward leg to Bristol, then motor sailed the remainder.  Enjoyed a late lunch at Blount Clam Shack; haddock Reuben sandwiches!  Track

09/01_05/2011 [BYC Fleet Captain's Cruise]

Day 1 - Sunny, 75F.  Wind 8 - 10 knots.  Sheila and I arrived in Barrington mid afternoon to get ready for the BYC Fleet Captains cruise.  Quickly loaded up the boat and caught a favorable tide down the bay to Newport.  Picked up a mooring near Ida Lewis YC; finished stowing our gear/provisions.  Pasta with parma rosa sauce and grilled sausages for dinner.  We were both very tired after dealing with the effects of Hurricane Irene over the weekend soturned in early.  Blue Track

Day 2 - Sunny, 70F.  Wind 10 - 12 knots; gusts to 15.  Our plan to get up early was foiled by oversleeping!  Made way for a cruise ship and tug driven barge on our way out of the Bay,  With seas 2-4', we sailed about half the way to Cuttyhunk before being headed.  As the wind began to pick up, we motorsailed the rest.  We were lucky to get a mooring inside; a few other club boats including S/V Neerlandia and M/V Mariah had already arrived.  Cleaned up below before making our hello's to other cruise members and going ashore to explore.  Grilled fresh swordfish bought on the pier for dinner with roasted in the husk corn on the cob!  Yellow Track

Day 3 - Sunny, 75F.  Very nice day at Cuttyhunk.  Glad to sleep in.  Managed a few boat chores and otherwise took things easy.  Sheila and I went ashore to explore and hiked up to the observation tower.  We went back up in the late afternoon to join the cruise group for sunset appetizers, cocktails and comraderie.  A good time was had by all indeed even if we were all over indulged!  Safely back on the boat, Sheila made us a delicious grilled steak dinner.

Day 4 - Sunny, 80F. Despite the wind has picking up, off to a slow start given the festivities of the night before.  Nice to relax, catch up on boat chores and visit around in the inflatable.  The weather forecast was getting more interesting so we changed the 135 for the blade jib in preparation for the cruise home.  Our fleet captain, Steve Thurston (M/V Mariah) concurred.  Dinner was a fantastic clambake at the Fisherman's Club with the group.  Great meal, great company, great way to enjoy the weekend.

Day 5 - Partly cloudy, 65F.  Wind 18-22 gusts to 25!  Up early for the long sail home; dropped the mooring at 6AM.  Given the breeze, glad to have already rigged the blade jib!  Threw in a single reef just the same.  As we cleared Cuttyhunk, the benefits of a reduced sail plan became obvious.  Seas running 6-10 feet with an occasional 15 footer rolling under us.  The wind was  ~30 deg off the port bow all the way to Sakonnet Point.  Some waves broke over the windward bow with water rushing down the portside deck, around the side boards and sluicing into the cockpit.  Most interesting was when a few caught the bow just right, and sent a few gallons up and over the dodger (and also into the cockpit).  The boat plowed through it all just fine.  Trip up the Sakonnet River was made easier with a following wind and a favorable current.  We even took the scenic route via Bristol Harbor.  Long day; tired crew.  Back on the mooring, it took us a longer than usual to clean up the boat, put away the blade jib and pack our gear.  All better with burgers at the newly renovated Wharf Tavern and watching some of our friends arrive back safely.  Magenta Track


Sunny, 70F.  Wind 5-10 knots.  Solo today.  Favorable current and a leisurely downwind sail up past Conimicut Light.  Faster upwind sail down the Bay towards Poppasquash Point before heading over to Potter's Cove.  Picked up a mooring with a great view across the bay towards Mt. Hope Bay.  Relaxed with an afternoon G&T (a nice tall one).  Fired up the Magma for a grilled strip steak and corn steamed in the husk, baked beans and a tomato salad.  Too bad I forgot the Sunday Times!  Cleaned up after dinner; timed the departure to be back by dusk.  Weather is getting cooler; hope to squeeze in a few more afternoons like this before season's end.  Track

09/17/2011 [aboard S/V Quest]

Partly sunny, 55F.  Wind 10-15 knots.  Up very early.  Joined Kathy and Cathy to help bring Quest from Marion to Scituate Harbor.  We met in Duxbury, and Myron dropped us off at Burr Brother's Boats in Marion.  Kathy hauls her out in Green Harbor ahead of storage in Duxbury.  In fact, a few boats in Marion already had their masts un-stepped!  The winds were not favorable, and backed more northerly as we headed up the coast.; mostly motor-sailed.  Despite the brisk temperatures, we had a nice day with Cap'n Kathy serving up a great lunch underway.  We made Scituate Harbor in ~ 8 hours.  After a beer onboard, the crew retired ashore for great bar style pizza at Poopsie's in Pembroke.  Track


Sunny, 80F.  Wind < 5 knots.  A summer like weekend in October for Columbus Day!  Very nice weekend for a trip down the bay.  We caught up with the BYC Fall Cruise group at the Newport Yachting Center.  Newport was teeming with visitors.  Cocktails late in the afternoon on the dock.  We joined Walter, Pat, Jeanne and Mark for dinner at Lucia's.  Nice to sleep in; Sheila made a big breakfast and we departed mid-morning.  Season over; boat coming out of the water in a few days.  Track


Sunny, 70F.  Boat hauled and now on the hard!

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