Bring in the Cement and Steel !


October 1, 1998

The majority of the tree clearing (see below), hand shoveling, backfilling and dirt hauling were done with the help of my father, Joe Mattaliano. Thanks Dad !

Here's my dad dealing with the cement pour at one of the guy anchor points. We used almost 6 yards of 4000 PSI cure strength concrete to fill the forms! This was definitely more fun than digging dirt !


Filling the form for the tower base. This turned out to be a little tricky since the form had a tendency to ride up as the hole filled. The rebar cage is visible just below the form top. Notice the "special" concrete churning rod to get any entrapped air out.


October 10, 1998

After a week of waiting for the concrete to cure, we were ready to put the tower up. Of course it was a cold and rainy day. My buddy KA1CLX decided to put up his new beam that same day as well! SRI I missed that Scott.

I'm on the left, that's Ric, KV1W in the middle and my son Christopher in the yellow slicker. As you can see, we had already taken down some of the wooden supports I had been previously using to hang wires on.


We started by assembling three sections of Rohn 25G. The sections went together easily. Steve, W1DXH, second from the left came over to help as well.

From the left; my dad, W1DXH, N6RFM, KV1W and Christopher.


Look out for the peach tree ! Raising 30 feet of Rohn 25G in the air definitely was the hardest part. Luckily, we were able to get it over the pier pin without mishap. The yellow ropes served as temporary guy wires.   Here's W1DXH getting ready to climb the newly erected first three sections. The sawhorse on the right is supporting the coil of hardline which goes back to the house. The other control lines are coiled up at the tower base.
revised September 20, 1999