Gryphon IV Maintenance Log 2013

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  • deploy soft wood tapered plugs or equivalent at each thru hull fitting
  • inspect rigging and fixtures atop mast
  • inspect chain plates; re-bed cover plates
  • epoxy and Marine Tex caulked holes aft of vang attachment point to mast
  • epoxy and re-seat two outboard dodger attachment pins on port side.
  • inspect turnbuckle inside Questus radar mount tube
  • replace AC outlets with GFCI type
  • replace cones in Norseman Navtec fittings
  • re-torque 2GM20F head bolts


Sunny, 45F.  Spot treated any exposed gel coat below waterline with Interlux 2000E; two coats about three hours apart.  Touched up stern lettering with Sheffield Super Bright gold enamel.


Sunny, 50F.  Re-painted port boot stripe with Interlux 316 Dark Blue striping.  Touched up stern lettering outlines with Interlux 316 Dark Blue striping paint diluted with paint thinner for better flow.  Painted over newly epoxied  spots on bottom with a single (priming) coat of Interlux Micron Extra.


Cloudy, 48F.  Painted bottom with a single coat of Blue Water Copper Shield SCX (45% Copper) ablative using a low profile foam roller.  Took ~ 5/8 of a gallon for the first coat.


Sunny, 45F.  Added ~ 1.5 pints of Interlux Micron Extra, and a pint of mineral naptha to the rest of the Blue Water ablative.  Applied a second thin coat to the bottom.  About a pint remaining for touch up and under stands.  Will be interesting to see how this stands up as compared to Micron Extra alone.


Sunny, 45F.  Sanded and painted under stands; also did a few touch up spots.  Lightly sanded prop and treated with 3 coats of  Blue Water Drivesleek primer followed by four coats of black Drivesleek copolymer type anti fouling paint.  The product is reported not to contain copper and uses zinc pyrithionine as an anyti-fouling agent.  Installed CAMP C3 1" ID donut collar zinc anode on shaft.  Replaced the zinc anode for the Isotherm SP marine refrigeration thru hull (Isotherm part # SBE00006AA).


Partly Cloudy, 52F.  Verified operation of all sea cocks.  Closed and coated exposed external surfaces of cones with Mercury Quicksilver anti-corrosion grease.  Cleaned and re-lubricated sea cock for holding tank pump out through hull.


Sunny, 50F.  Removed shrink wrap!  Re-seated drain in head vanity sink using plumbers putty.  Re-installed hose using new clamps.  Replaced the handle (part # S94/95 H-PL-ASSEH), stop ring, O-ring (SO-RING-222a,b), plug (S95-3A) and seat (S95-S) in the Bosworth YV-095 series Y valve.  Briefly ran the diesel for the first time this season.  Start up sequence coming out of Winter layover; check oil (oil and filter replaced in the Fall), set decompression levers to "reduced compression" position, throttle to lowest rpm position, turn over engine for 15 seconds (to lubricate internal components), wait 15 seconds, turn over engine for 15 seconds again, set decompression levers to "run" position, throttle to ~1/8, start engine and adjust rpm to 800-1000 rpm.  Ran for only a few minutes since no raw water.  Initiated repairs on several gouges to hull using West Marine non-laminating (part # 12953873) white waxed gel coat tinted with a spec of yellow and several specs of brown.  Surface prep first with a light sanding and MEK to clean.  Coated repairs with Evercoat 105685 PVA.  Wet sanded several hours later with 220 grit.


Sunny, 52F.  Another coat of gelcoat on repairs to hull using West Marine non-laminating (part # 12953873) white waxed gel coat tinted with a spec of yellow and several specs of brown.  Surface prep first with MEK.  Coated repairs with PVA.


Sunny, 50F.  Wet sanded gelcoat repairs; 220, 400 then 600 grit.  Washed starboard topsides and stern with Simple Green solution.  Cleaned starboard hull and stern with Collinite # 920 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner using a variable speed buffer equipped with a 3M Superbuff Buffing Pad (#05703).  Next, waxed starboard topsides with Collinite's # 845 Insulator Wax using a  3M Superbuff III Polishing Pad (#05705).


Partly Cloudy, 55F.  Removed frame used to support Winter cover.  Re-painted cove stripe on port side (Interlux Brightside 316 Dark Blue).


Sunny, 60F.  Another coat of gelcoat on repair to starboard hull using West Marine non-laminating (part # 12953873) white waxed gel coat tinted with a spec of yellow and several specs of brown.  Surface prep first with MEK.  Coated repairs with PVA.


Sunny, 50F.  Wet sanded last gel coat repair; 220, 400 then 600 grit.  Washed port topsides, polished and waxed port hull and starboard gelcoat repair as described above.


Sunny, 60F.  Sheila helping.  Touched up wax on hull.  Flushed water tanks and lines to sinks in head and cabin as well as cockpit shower.  Filled both tanks and added ~ 1 teaspoon of Clorox bleach to each, pre-diluted in a cup of water.  Replaced impeller with Johnson 09-810B.  Noticed that hose at  raw water pump intake was worn (sits atop engine mount bed); even the hose clamp had worn.  Cut 3" off end and re-connected with new hose clamp.  Will keep an eye on this and grind back corner of bed to relieve vibration wear point next Winter.  Cleaned and vacuumed  interior.  Set up running rigging.  Brought home gear from Winter projects.


Sunny, 64F.  Sheila helping.  Brought back aboard cushions for V-berth and quarter berth, mainsail and genoa.  Brought home boatyard boarding ladder.  Set up the Avon inflatable at the BYC dock.  Boat ready and scheduled for launch next Friday!


Sunny, 50F.  Gryphon launched and now at Stanely's Boatyard dock.  Noticed that bilgepump was turning on, but not always pumping.  Cleaned the Whale LV1215 backflow preventer; now running OK  Replaced Groco WSB-500 sight glass (WSB 753) and screen (WSB 751).  Original sight glass was heavily crazed.


Sunny, 55F.  Sheila helping.  Brought remaining cabin cushions and gear aboard.  Rigged headsail.  Verified operatrion of navigation lights. 


Sunny, 60F.  Replaced Racor fuel filter (Racor R20T) and 2GM20F primary fuel filter (Yanmar part # 104500-55710) and filter housing O-ring (Yanmar part #24341-000440).  Also replaced the nylon washer (Yanmar part # 23418-060000) and "gasket 8" copper washer (Yanmar part # 23414-080012) atop strainer assembly.  Bled system using primer pump on Racor unit (~200 strokes), first strainer assembly, then at inlet to high pressure pump.  Cleaned engine room and bilge.  Sheila helping.  Rigged bimini, dodger and headsail.

During shakedown at 2000 RPM, engine crankcase temperature 155 F and cooled exhaust 98F.  Stuffing box 98F, one drip every 6 seconds (will tighen slightly).  Noted that the manual bilge pump hose had shifted position and was rubbing against shaft coupling.  Repositioned but now has a small wear point; will replace hose.


Sunny, 65F.  Replaced Whale LV1215 non-return valve near outlet of Rule 700 bilge pump.  


Sunny, 60F.  Polished diesel fuel using homemade 12V unit equipped with a Goldenrod 496-5 water block filter (15 micron rating).  Two x 20 minute polishing cycles with 5 minute pump rest period.  Sheila helping; replaced hose from bilge to Whale Gusher manual pump in cockpit (Sheilds Trident VAC XHD #149, 1 1/2" ID).


Partty Cloudy, 65F.  Replaced life lines and associated hardware.  Uncoated 3/16 1x19 T-316 stainless line and hardware from Rigging Only.


Sunny, 75F.  Replaced 2GM20F stop cable (Yanmar part # 104271-67550).


Sunny, 70F.  The last few visits to the boat have been all about provisioning for the BYC summer cruise.  Fresh CNG, beverages, food, and libations.  Probably a good thing the water line transition is a few inches high!  Desperate for a real trip on the boat.  When else am I supposed to do the maintenance unless we are on vacation!


Cloudy, 68F.  At Block Island.  Accidentally broke the chimney to the oil lamp (2" diameter base, 5" tall); will replace. Touched up some of the Cetol on the starboard aft combing.  The threads for the lock screw on the forward Bomar hatch riser have stripped out.  Broke the bolts holding the riser assembly; God only knows why someone used stainless bolts in an aluminum casting without using anti-seize!  Center punched, and drilled out most of the old bolts.  Will have to grind flush, prime and re-paint small areas of the hatch riser connect points. Will size and re-thread the holes; new riser on order.


Cloudy, 75F.  At Three Mile Harbor.  Unfortunately, the folks at Stanley's never got to clean Gryphon's bottom before we left.  In addition to the typical Warren River buildup at the waterline, I had noticed that the prop was very fouled.  Over the side for an inspection.  The Blue Water Copper Shield SCX bottom paint seemed to be holding it's own. Scrubbed along the waterline.  However, the prop had a 1/4-3/8" "beard" of hard barnacle growth!  Performance of the touted Blue Water Drivesleek was even worse than Pettit zinc coat barnacle barrier.  Will try something else next season.


Sunny, 85F.  Noticed a sulfide oder mid-morning.  Determined coming from the CNG regulator!  Turned out that the low-pressure regulator diaphragm developed a leak!  Will have to replace at least the low pressure unit, if not the entire thing.


Sunny, 82F.  Took boat into dock.  Using the Dremel tool sanding wheel ground down remnants of old hatch riser bolts flush with hatch components.  Finished drilling out holes for new bolts with an "F" bit.  Tapped holes to receive 5/16-18 TPI bolts. Replaced CNG regulator with a refurbished unit (including both high (step down) and low pressure components)  from Corp Brothers.


Sunny.  78F.  Masked exposed areas surrounding forward hatch rise attachment points.  Primed with two light coats of Moeller green zinc chromate.  Coated new SS bolts with Teff-gel to prevent seizing in future.  Installed new Bomar riser (part # RM-100 series 10210).


Sunny.  75F.  Polished some of the chrome with Flitz. Cleaned the cabin and treated the sole with lemon oil.


Sunny.  82F.  Topped off engine oil (1/3 quart Rotella 15W/40; first time this season).  Finished polishiing topsides chrome and stainless.  Cleaned bottom down to about two feet from waterline; removed barnacles from prop!


Sunny.  80F.   Re-did Cetol on starboard rub rail and cockpit combing.    

Season Totals: Bombay Sapphire -  1 , Campari -  , Rum -  , Fuel - 29.7

Engine Hour Log; 970 (4/28/2013)

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