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At present, I have all of the current DXCC countries worked.  My "last one" was Yemen, confirmed after a very long wait! 

On August 12, 2009, ARRL DXCC Manager Bill Moore, NC1L, announced that after more than eight years, the 7O1YGF operation in 2000 from Yemen has been approved for DXCC credit. Moore cited a review of "recently received information," as well as "additional dialogue" with the leader of the 7O1YGF DXpedition, as reasons for the approval."

I have 342 confirmed of 342 worked.
338 of 338 the current DXCC Entities

These include 4 deleted countries (OK, ST0, Y2 and ZS9).

CW - 325 cfd of 330 wkd             SSB - 339 cfd of 341 wkd

RTTY - 200 cfd of 221 wkd


Needed All Time

Prefix Country
-- nada!!

italics = worked but not confirmed !


last revised November 27, 2009